16 Falcon Tattoo Design And Meaning

Falcon Tattoo Design And Meaning

The Falcon is a noble bird whose best known for reaching greater heights. It is known for its ferocious determination and ceaseless courage.

Also, the Falcon is a beautiful and powerful bird with perfect eyesight. I find that the falcon tattoo idea encourages us to scale the heavens of our potential, fly fearlessly into the power of the sun, keep reaching higher and keep rising to hit the target of personal vision.

falcon tattoo design on back

For those who want a falcon tattoo, below you will find just some of the most popular falcon tattoos and their meanings.


The History of the Falcon

In ancient Egypt, the Falcon was considered to be a symbol of royalty. In fact, the word falcon was used together with words like God, pharaoh, and even prayer.

On the other side, in Europe, the Falcon had an equally important position in symbolism and mythology. It was the symbol of war because of its amazing ability to fly and capture its prey without the prey ever noticing it.

Also, In German mythology, falcons were seen as representations of the God of the Sky Vodun. As well as in Nordic mythology, Falcon was considered a symbol for the goddess of love, fertility, and the guardian of the dead called Freya, and she was represented wearing a feathery cape and traveling through different worlds by turning into a falcon. 

For many ages, the Falcon possessed raw and primal energy that appealed to these people, and they felt that it represented courage, determination, and power. But today people choose the Falcon for his beauty and the fact that he is a predator with incredible ambush skills.


The Meaning of the Falcon Tattoos

Some people see the Falcons as divine because of their ability to fly high in the sky and almost reach heaven. Others see them as godly creatures that can send those messages from divine beings and bring them closer to the divine beings they prayed to.

Many people consider the falcon tattoos as a symbol of a laser focus, a person with vision to the future, and one who enjoys their freedom. 

Others may prefer to associate it with royalty, devotion, nobility, and honor. Those who choose to get tattooed with the flying Falcon, especially men, connect with the strength, courage, skill, strategy, and vitality of the bird.

It is a representation of a spiritual guide, like a guardian angel, helping to soar above the problems of the past and reach a higher awareness. 


The Symbolism of the Falcon Tattoo

The Falcon is a majestic creature, and its symbols can vary, from basic tattoos of a falcon to something more modern and unusual. If you want, you can add various objects next to it or tattoo it inflight with its wings wide open. The choice is yours.

The tattoo of the Falcon hides many meanings and symbols behind it. If you choose to tattoo the Falcon with its wings wide open, this can symbolize your ability to keep an eye on your enemies and make them regret their every move towards you.

On the other hand, if you choose to tattoo the Falcon in flight, it means the desire to be free and reach that ultimate feeling of being alone in the world and not being afraid.

Also, Falcon on the ground or on the branch can still be a strong interpretation of this bird. Though, It can symbolize the strength that is patience and calm, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Falcon tattoo continues to be a top choice for many people cause it symbolizes power, clairvoyance, hunting abilities, agility, and divine characteristics. Many will be mesmerized by your tattoo and will leave a strong impact on the viewers.

falcon tattoo on leg



falcon tattoo design on shoulder







falcon tattoo design on forearm



colorful falcon tattoo on hand


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