20 Fall Engagement Photo Ideas

Why Engagement Photos are best to do in Fall

Engagement photos should be done at least a few months before the wedding day. This way, you and your partner can enjoy them and keep them as memories.

Fall is a perfect time to take engagement photos because there are so many beautiful colors in the leaves, and the colors of the season make for some of the best backdrops. Fall also has really great light, which can make your pictures look even more beautiful.

The Classic Fall Wedding Color Palette

Fall weddings are so much fun! The colors of the season are so rich and festive, and they make for the perfect backdrop to your big day.

This palette is perfect for a traditional fall wedding. It consists of rich, warm colors that will set the tone for your day.

The colors in this palette are:

– Dark browns

– Deep reds

– Rich oranges and yellows

Fall Engagement Photo Ideas and Locations

When choosing the location for your engagement photos, it is best to use a personal spot as inspiration. These locations will save memories of these places for years to go come. Or you can revisit the spot of your first date together.

A lot of couples choose the same locations to take their engagement photos. This will not help you remember the location years from now because it was a spot that everyone else has been to as well. Instead, use a personal location as the backdrop for your photos that will save memories of this place for years to go come. Or revisit a personal spot from your childhood and use those memories as inspiration for your photos.

Fall Engagement Photo Ideas

Romantic Fall Engagement Photo Ideas

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