15 Oni Mask Tattoo Design, History and Meaning

Oni Mask tattoo is one of the most admired Japanese tattoos. These tattoos have a meaning behind each design and can be tricky. Therefore, it is essential to understand the meaning and history of the characters before choosing one.


 Most sought-for Oni Mask Tattoo Designs:


  • Onijin Mask tattoo:

Onijin Mask tattoo

Onijin is the king of all and is immensely powerful. They drive such power away by righteous forces to ensure the safety of others. People also utilize this tattoo as a tool to protect themselves from other evils.


  • Horimono Oni Mask tattoo:

Horimono Oni Mask tattoo

This tattoo is known for its enormous size and the time it takes to complete the tattoo. It is painful and expensive and requires time and effort.


  • Yakuza Tattoo:

Yakuza Tattoo

Incharges in prison marked people involved in selling illegal goods and gambling with tattoos. The Yakuza members began to carve themselves with tattoos as a custom of their group. These tattoos symbolize prosperity, honor, and strength. At present, educational institutions, gyms, etc., still ban students and people with tattoos.


  • Fujin Oni Mask Tattoo:

Fujin Oni Mask Tattoo

Fujin is the Japanese God of wind. He has four fingers on each hand, representing the wind’s four directions- north, south, east, and west. They often depict him in green or blue color


  • Raijin Oni Mask Tattoo:

Raijin Oni Mask Tattoo

Raijin is the brother of Fujin. He has three fingers on each hand which indicates the past, present, and future. This God is extremely powerful.


History Of The Tattoo Design:

Oni mask tattoos originated from Japanese culture. According to Japanese folklore, the Oni revolves around evil and distressful emotions. We can categorize Oni under the Yōkai. Yōkai is associated with goblins, ghouls, devils, ogres, trolls, and demons.


Meaning Behind Oni Mask Tattoos:

Oni mask tattoos carry different meanings according to which characters, designs we choose. The tattoos depict the masks of supernatural creatures or cannibals. These creatures are said to be the ones that punish and torture evils and sinners.

Wearing a specific design indicates asking the evil not to mess with them. Some people wear tattoos to protect themselves from the unknown and unpredictable future. The others carve certain characters in their body like a charm for good luck.

Most people ink their body parts with specific designs to face their weaknesses with more strength. Some people find it hard to cope with the world in fear that their weakness might embarrass them. It is believed that when they choose a design and carve that in their body parts, they become that particular character. Accordingly, they gain strength and power and overcome their fears and weakness.

Even today, immense stigma involves around Oni mask tattoos because they involve demonic creatures that torture souls sent to hell. Many believe that they cause diseases. On the contrary, many people believe that they are protectors from evil spirits, and owning Oni tattoos brings peace. The key is to study and carefully choose before deciding on getting any tattoo on your body. Take time to research before acting.






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