5 Top Eyeliner Tips for Hooded Eyes

Eyeliner Tips for Hooded Eyes

I am not naturally gifted when it comes to makeup application—but I do have one thing that helps me through my struggles…a steady hand paired with an excellent brush!

But some people with hooded eyes find it difficult to use eyeliner. It’s even trickier for those people if they don’t see well what they’re doing in their eyes.

My best friend has beautiful almond-shaped green eyes with long lashes, but she’s always been slightly self-conscious about her lack of ability in this department.

She found herself applying eyeliner incorrectly because she didn’t feel confident enough to apply it smoothly and neatly like many others around her did.

So we decided to create some easy tricks to help you master your liquid liner game, Here are our top 5 eyeliner tips for hooded eyes.

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1. Choose the Perfect Eyeliner

If you’re someone who prefers creamier formulas over gel liners, then creamy eye pencils such as Urban Decay 24/7 Superliner will be more suitable for you. If you prefer waterproof options, try Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Liner ($20) which offers a smooth texture without any glitters.

You can also use creams like Benefit Cosmetics’ Benetint or Marc Jacobs’ The Boy Brow Pencil to line your upper lash lines. For people whose hair tends to mess up their brow shape, we recommend using a good eyebrow powder before lining your eyebrows.

It’ll ensure your brow hairs stay put while you make quick work of filling them in.


2. Use a Precise Eyeliner Brush

Use a Precise Eyeliner Brush

One of the biggest mistakes most beginners make is painting too thickly at first. This leads to messy edges and wonky-looking eyeliners. To avoid this, start off slowly and lightly outline your natural contours.

Then move on to thicker layers once you’ve got everything down. A great tool to keep handy is a precision eyeliner brush. They come in all shapes and sizes, so find one that works well for you. These brushes aren’t just used for precise underlining — they’re also great at blending out colors, adding dimension, making bold outlines, etc.

We suggest starting off with smaller angles and gradually moving upwards until you get accustomed to drawing on your lids. Remember to hold your brush horizontally above your skin, then tilt downwards towards the lower lid. That way you don’t risk accidentally going over into the corner of your eye.

Another trick is to take two different angled brushes, place them against each other horizontally, and curve them together to form something resembling a claw. Now, holding these parallel to the outer corners of your eyes, draw upward toward your brow bone along your upper lash line.

Once you reach your brow bone, angle the tip downward to meet the bottom edge of your eyeliner. Do this from both sides of your face simultaneously to achieve symmetry. Using a vertical brush makes it easier to blend your eyeliner seamlessly into the rest of your shadow.


3. Look Straight Ahead When Applying Eyeliner

When creating an eyeliner look, it’s important to know where your innermost corners lie. Your goal should be to outline only your upper eyelid, leaving your lower lid completely untouched. Before you begin, check if you need extra assistance to figure out exactly where your upper lid ends and your lower lid begins.

To accomplish this, simply open your eye wider than usual and stare straight ahead. Your pupil should appear larger than normal, but your iris shouldn’t be visible.

Next, look directly into the mirror and trace the area between your upper and lower lids vertically with your finger. Hold it still and watch what happens to your reflection. Make sure you follow this exact same measurement every time you line your eyes.

Also, pay attention to the width of your eye socket. Some people have wide sockets, whereas others have narrow ones. In order to accurately draw your eyeliner within the boundaries of your eye socket, you may want to consider purchasing a ruler that allows you to measure distances.

Once you’ve determined your measurements, you’re ready to sketch your new cat-eye. Start by placing your index fingers underneath your cheekbones, keeping them in contact with your bones. Next, pull your fingers inward, extending them outward past your ears.

From there, connect the dots and create three small ovals below your cheeks. Each oval should touch its corresponding ear and extend beyond the end of your nose. Finally, bring your extended fingertips back to your temples, forming four triangles pointing downward. As a final step, fill in your lower lid with light pigment.


4. Create a Dramatic Eyebrow Look

For anyone who wants to add instant drama to his or her brows, Hooded Eyes might have the answer. Simply gather your favorite shades of brown, black, charcoal grey, and dark purple and sweep them across your forehead using a flat brush.

Don’t forget to include plenty of definitions — after all, no eyebrows mean no eyeliner!

You can also go even further by taking advantage of your existing eyebrow structure. Gather your darkest shadows and dip the bristles of your eyebrow brush into them. Starting from the outside of your brow, drag the brush diagonally upward across your entire arch.

Repeat this process several times until your desired shade appears. Then finish things off by brushing your brows backward with the same method.


5. Consider An Eyeliner Other Than Black

Consider An Eyeliner Other Than Black

I’ve always been a black eyeliner kind of girl, but I’m not so sure anymore. There are some other colors that might be worth considering for day-to-day wear.

It’s always tempting to use classic black, but other colors may work better with hooded eyes. If you’re feeling like a change, try brown, copper, or teal.

Make sure to try on the style with your hair in a ponytail or bun, so you can see the color and off-the-face style in action without any hair obscuring.

If you’re feeling daring and want to try out this unique look, we recommend using a matte bronzer instead of a shimmery one.


Final Words

Looking fresh throughout the day doesn’t necessarily require hours spent staring into a compact mirror. Sometimes less really does equal better. Try experimenting with various products and techniques to see which styles suit your needs best. And remember: practice makes perfect!

Written by Sara Diloro

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