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51 Gorgeous Winged Eyeliner Ideas To Transform Your Look

Winged Eyeliner Ideas

Winged Eyeliner is one of the most popular eyeshadow looks today. Whether you prefer the classic black line or the modern metallic silver/golden hues, this trend continues to grow each year.

To create the perfect winged eyeliner look, begin with a good quality liquid eyeliner pen. Liquid liners come in many colors and finishes, including shimmery effects.

You can also try mixing various shades to create unique combinations. For those looking for something extra special, consider adding colored mascara along with the liner to bring attention to your eyes.

Smaller winged eyeliners give off a soft, gentle effect, while larger ones provide definition and drama. They also work great for highlighting just under the brow bone, giving your face dimension.

Winged liners can even be used to draw attention away from dark circles around the eyes. If you’ve got tired lids, try drawing lines along the top lashes to open them up. You can also use a winged liner to highlight the inner corners of the eyes, creating a catlike appearance. To finish off your look, apply mascara to define those beautiful lashes.

There isn’t just one winged liner style to suit every situation – but there definitely is one to suit yours!

Here are 51 winged eyeliner ideas to help you pick your favorite look.


51 Winged Eyeliner Ideas

Green Look

Green Look

Wearing a winged liner around the outer corners of the eye adds dimension without drawing attention away from the center of the face. You can also wear this style over any type of makeup application, whether it be a foundation, blush, bronzer, lipstick, glosses, etc.

Wings are great because they give you a lot of versatility. They come in many shapes and colors, allowing you to match your outfit perfectly.


Minty Beauty

Minty Beauty

Use a darker eye shadow to give your winged liner some depth and dimension. A brightening powder works really well here because it helps bring out the shape of the wing without overpowering the rest of the face.

You can also try highlighting under the brow bone and along the top lash line to draw attention away from any dark circles around the eyes.


Reverse Cut Crease

Reverse Cut Crease

Winged eyeliner adds just enough definition to the face without being too harsh. The softness of the shadows helps soften any sharp edges created by the liner. A subtle highlight at the inner corner of each eye brings some extra dimension to the look.


Beautiful Sunshine Look

Beautiful Sunshine Look

A radiant shade of yellow makes this eye pop against the black background, with the bold winged liner adding just enough dimension to draw attention. Using white eyeliner on the upper lashes corner adds brightness and completes the look.

This eye looks like an artwork because of how the different shades mix together.


Color Contrast

Color Contrast

A silver and brown palette works well here. Adding some highlights under the brow gives everything a little extra punch. A black liner around the eyes adds definition and completes the look.


Black and Bronze

Black and Bronze

This winged liner is a bold statement piece that adds dimension to any makeup application. A dark brown color complements the shadow perfectly, adding depth and definition.

Bronze highlights bring some shine to the lid, giving it a subtle glow. This liner works great alone or paired with another shade.


Disco Night

Disco Night

This look features black and silver colors. A small amount of eyeliner defines the eyes while adding dimension to the face. Silver shadow highlights the brow bone and adds depth to the eyes.

Try pairing this look with a dressy cocktail gown for a sophisticated night out.


Mirror Image

Mirror Image

A perfectly shaped pair of eyebrows is only complete with the perfect shade of liner. This winged eyeliner style works beautifully because it matches the curve of the eyebrow, and it curves upward to match the arch of the eye.

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If you decide against adding any shadow, then this mirrored design stands alone.


Simple Wings

Simple Wings

A winged liner and a few touches of mascara are all that are needed in this simple style. Eye makeup is all you need if you are rushing to leave the house or just choosing a natural look.

This small wing is the perfect way to accessorize any outfit and gives that trendy touch that suggests you’ve put some effort into your beauty routine (even if you haven’t)!


Airbrushed Wings

Airbrushed Wings

This bold eye makeup trend features a unique shape created with a pair of false lashes applied over the top of the natural lash line. The winged liner adds dimension while creating a soft, subtle cat-eye style.

This look works exceptionally well for those looking to achieve a dramatic yet polished appearance.


Linear Accent

Linear Accent

Winged eyeliner is one of three accents in this style, highlighting the eyes in various ways. It’s a great way to draw attention to the eyes without going overboard with shadow. Freckles are often highlighted too!


All Purple

All Purple

This eye shadow palette featuring three shades of matte black, Purple, and bright orange is a great way to bring together makeup looks. These colors work beautifully together, creating a beautiful sunset effect that complements the model’s purple hair.


Sharp and Red Hot

Sharp and Red Hot

A striking red winged liner is just one remarkable feature of this eye makeup look! The white accents in both the lips and the mascara are a perfect color contrast with the darker tones in the style. This unique design makes a bold statement while adding dimension to any face shape.


Accent Leaves

Accent Leaves

A bright eye makeup palette featuring bold colors and fun patterns makes this look super playful. A dark liner paired with light shadows creates dimension while keeping the whole thing simple enough to wear throughout the week. The little leave add a new dimension the eye liner.




This bold eye makeup looks great paired with classic red lipstick. The winged liner adds dimension to the face while drawing attention to the eyes.


Gothic Look

Gothic Look

Winged eyeliner is an excellent way to achieve a gothic look, especially with large or extended wings. Drawing out the brows here balances the length of the winged eyeliner. Laying down the orange and dark brown eye shadow gives this look some extra oomph.


Shimmer Wings

Shimmer Wings

This eye makeup looks great on anyone, regardless of age. The trick here is starting with a base color, like the light pink shadow, then adding some glittery shadows around the outer corners of the lid.

Finish off with black liner and mascara to give the illusion of a pair of angelic wings.


Beautiful Fuchsia

Beautiful Fuchsia

This palette features four matte shadows ranging from soft pinks to bright fuschias, along with three shimmery colors. Use the matte shadows alone or mix and match with the shimmers for endless color possibilities. Apply each shadow individually to achieve varying looks.

For example, apply the lighter shade over the lid to give depth and dimension while applying the darker shade under the brow bone for a softer finish. Finish the look with a sweep of golden liner across the top lash line.


Two-toned Winged Eyeliner

Two-toned Winged Eyeliner

This combination of bold colors looks great. You can pair it with neutral clothing, allowing you to show off your personality while staying true to yourself.


Silver Wings

Silver Wings

A subtle touch of color goes a long way toward creating the perfect winged effect without going overboard. A light shade of liner or shadow makes this look work beautifully, while darker colors tend to overpower the natural beauty of your face.

If you opt for a dark hue, consider adding some shimmer to give the illusion of depth.


Purple Winged Eyeliner

Purple Winged Eyeliner

A double-pointed winged eyeliner helps define eyes while bringing definition within the layers of color. A purple liner works perfectly with the other colors, but the slight difference between shades allows the winged eyeliner to shine through. Glitter adds extra sparkle and makes the look complete.


Perfect Touch

Perfect Touch

A sweeping winged liner adds some drama to your eye makeup routine. This look features soft, blended ombre colors paired with a bright pop of color on the lash line. A fun way to spice up any look.


The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts

A soft pink color paired with this bright blue eye shadow creates a beautiful contrast between light and dark colors. This blend creates a dramatic cat-eye effect without looking too harsh.

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A small heart accent at the outer corner adds a playful touch to the entire look.


Just Beautiful

Just Beautiful

A tiny pair of wings adds fun color to this classic eye makeup look. Underneath beautiful soap brows, the winged eyeliner sets off the shape of the brows, while the simple mascara makes everything else perfectly clear.

A soft shade of pinkish brown works excellently here, giving the whole look a very natural feel.


Pointed Winged Eyeliner

Pointed Winged Eyeliner

Using the winged eyeliner gives off a fun vibe, especially since the rest of the makeup is minimal. This triangle shape works perfectly with the quirky style of the model while balancing out the top of the lipstick.

Adding some sparkle to the eye would give this look even more pizzazz.


All Pink

All Pink

A winged liner creates a soft, natural eye makeup look that helps define the face while keeping the eyes looking bright and awake. A shimmery color makes the eyes pop even brighter than usual.


Daring Look

Daring Look

Auburn highlights work beautifully with this brunette’s warm brown eyes. A soft pink blush adds just enough warmth to bring out her natural beauty. Her lashes are curled upward to give her face some dimension.


Casual Wings

Casual Wings

Winged eyeliner is a fun way to dress up any daytime outfit. Using winged eyeliner gives your look a touch of glamour without going overboard. Brown eyeshadow paired with pink lips makes this look perfect for work or after hours at happy hour.


Blue Cut Crease

Blue Cut Crease

A cut crease style will often end in a winged shape to give flow and a whimsical feel to the style. This gorgeous ombré eye looks excellent paired with a complementary wing below the brow and a starry accent above the lash line.


Retro Winged Eyeliner

Retro Winged Eyeliner

Vintage fashion, especially pinup looks, has grown in popularity over recent years. The voluminous curls and bright red lipstick match this style while keeping a simple makeup look also works here because heavy makeup wasn’t typically worn at that time period.


Red Wings

Red Wings

This simple yet effective makeup trick makes a bold statement with just a few steps. A thin line around the outer corners of the eyes adds dimension and definition, giving this look its signature edge.

Subtle shimmer creates a colorful accent at the inner corners of the eyes, adding another layer of interest.


Nothing but Wings

Nothing but Wings

Natural beauty trends are growing rapidly, but many women aren’t quite ready to commit to no makeup. A simple eye shadow application gives the illusion of fuller lashes while keeping everything else minimal.


Bright Blue Winged Eyeliner

Bright Blue Winged Eyeliner

A bright blue matte shadow creates a striking contrast against the black liner, drawing attention to the eyes while adding definition. The shadows also work together beautifully, helping to round out the look without losing any detail.

Finish off the look with the same color under the eye, rounding out the look.


Winged Waves

Winged Waves

This winged liner looks great because it follows the rest of the makeup curve. Darker shades work nicely against lighter ones. Adding shimmer underneath the eyebrow adds depth while also highlighting the top lid. This creates a beautiful eye look.


Winged Glitter Cut Crease

Winged Glitter Cut Crease

Glitter cuts are perfect for creating a fun and playful vibe during springtime. Combine this trend with the extended wings of winged eyeliners, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful pair of eyes.

Earrings also work perfectly here because they reflect the colors of both the eyeshadows and the extensions. You have a complete look!


Black Ombre with Orange Wings

Black Ombre with Orange Wings

With this eye makeup technique, you get a gorgeous ombre effect on the eyelids, while gold glitter adds some sparkle to the entire look. The winged liner creates a dramatic shape and gives the classic cat eye a contemporary edge.

Adding color to the brows completes the look.


Amazing Sunset

Amazing Sunset

This eye makeup looks great because it creates dimension around the eyes without overpowering the color scheme. Smaller wings work really nicely here, giving just enough shape to the face without being too dramatic.

A light brown lipstick adds some depth and helps balance everything together.


Ombre Wings

Ombre Wings

A fantastic way to give your eye makeup some extra oomph is to try creating an ombre effect. With this technique, you draw a thin black liner along the top lashline before adding a darker shade over it.

The result? An intense color gradient across your lids.

To get started:

Apply a light base color — I used a shimmery gold cream — above the crease and blend outward toward the outer corners of each lid.

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Dip a fluffy blending brush into a dark matte gray shadow and sweep it under the lower lashes.

Blend upward until you reach the brow bone.

Add another layer of the same shadow just below the inner corner of each eye.

Finally, dust some translucent powder onto the upper lashline to set everything in place.


Asymmetrical Wing

Asymmetrical Wing

This eye looks fabulous because it uses bold colors and shapes to draw attention away from any imperfections. To achieve this look, apply black eyeshadow over the entire lid, then blend upward toward the crease.

Next, line the upper lashline with a bright blue shadow, followed by a dark brown liner along the bottom lash line. Finish off the look with false lashes and mascara.


Smokey Winged Eyeliner

Smokey Winged Eyeliner

Smokey eye makeup looks excellent with winged liner, giving the appearance of softness around the edges. Graduating the lines gives the illusion of changing the shape of the line, creating a softer look.

You can achieve this look by applying shadow over your entire lid, then lining along the top lashline and bottom crease. Use a brush or finger to blend the colors together.


Touch of Smoke

Touch of Smoke

Winged eyeliner is a great way to shape a smokey eye, adding definition to the eyes without overpowering the rest of the face. Bronze hues work beautifully here while keeping the tiny wings subtle enough not to compete with the larger ones.

The smoky effect works perfectly underneath the eyes, bringing some added drama.


Eye Extension

Eye Extension

The Winged liner helps define the outer corners of the eyes and creates the appearance of larger eyes. The line follows the natural curves of the face to give the impression that the eyes are wider than they actually are.

To complement this effect, the lips are pulled slightly upward at the center, creating a distinctive lip shape.


Gorgeous Sunrise Eyes

Gorgeous Sunrise Eyes

A Winged Eyeliner helps balance this beautiful eye makeup look, which is essential with many colors. A sharp, wide wing also helps to create a distinctive shape amongst the blending of the bright pink, purples, reds, and gold shadows.

Adding finishing touches to the shape of the shadow matches the wings perfectly.


Tiny Winged Eyeliner

Tiny Winged Eyeliner

Start with applying liquid liner along your upper lashline, following the natural curve of your eye. Then pull the brush upwards to form a subtle wing shape. If desired, apply some shadow color underneath the wing to deepen the effect.


Wings in Flight

Wings in Flight

This winged liner is truly dramatic, reflecting real wings on a bird soaring through the sky. The shape of the winged eyeliner sweeps across the lid of the eye, creating a stunning effect.

Bold enough to stand alone yet simple enough to wear any day, this is the perfect way to show off your unique beauty.


Crimson Beauty Look

Crimson Beauty Look

This bold, dramatic smoky eye features soft pink undertones and a subtle blend of brown and black hues. The eyes are lined with a dark charcoal pencil before adding mascara and finishing off with a bright pop of color on the lips.


Pink Shimmer Winged Eyeliner

Pink Shimmer Winged Eyeliner

To balance a bold or distinctive eye shadow color a winged eyeliner is your solution, in this case, shimmery pink eyeshadow. This wing also complements the sharp shape of the eyebrows, both of which draw attention to the eyes.

Using a highlighter under the brow and along the cheekbone helps to compliment the glitter of the eyeshadow.


Winged Magic

Winged Magic

With its wings extending outwards, this eye makeup looks like it came straight off the runway at New York Fashion Week. The winged eyeliner adds width to the eyes, while the upturned tip gives it some extra oomph.

Neutral colors work really well here, allowing the winged liner to pop without overpowering the rest of the face.


Neutral Half Cut

Neutral Half Cut

A smoky eye looks great on everyone, especially those with dark eyes. The key to this look is creating a soft transition between the brow bone and lash line. To achieve this effect, apply black mascara along the top lashline before applying any color.

Next, blend a shimmery shadow across the entire eyelid until reaching just above the lower lash line. Finish off with false lashes to complete the look.


Fading Gently

Fading Gently

This unique look features a soft matte black liner around the eyes. A warm bronze shade works perfectly with the natural color of the lids while adding just enough dimension to draw attention away from the eyes themselves.

An angled brush creates a subtle line at the outer corners of the eyes, giving definition without being harsh.


Pink Cut Crease

Pink Cut Crease

Like this example here, winged eyeliner is usually associated with a cut crease style. The cut crease creates an excellent separation between the eyelid and eyebrow, while the liner extends down below the bottom lashline creating wings.

Pink is a great neutral shade that isn’t too bold, and the shimmery finish makes it stand out even more.



A Winged liner is great for adding dimension to your eyes without drawing attention away from your face. Start small and work your way up to bolder designs.

You can even experiment with some crazy shapes once you feel comfortable applying this eye makeup technique. Using your winged liner properly won’t draw too much attention away from your features.

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25 Gorgeous Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is the time for costumes, tricks, and treats, but it’s also a time for makeup! Some people are obsessed with their Halloween makeup looks and spend a lot of time and effort on it – and some people ignore their Halloween makeup altogether.

However, it’s always fun to put on a little bit of makeup to get in the spirit of the occasion.

This post features 25 unique Halloween makeup ideas. You’ll find everything from scary eyes to creepy noses and even some fun face designs.

It’s a list of makeup looks that will make you feel like you’re in a spooky horror movie.


Cleopatra Makeup

Cleopatra Makeup, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

You deserve to feel like a queen, especially when it comes to makeup. Create this look with ancient Egyptian-inspired black, gold, and blue eyeshadow. Complete the look with gold jewelry.


Ghostly White Skull

Ghostly White Skull, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

You can throw on a white skull mask by painting a grey base and adding white designs. These are yet another variation of fun Halloween skull makeup ideas.


Spider Web Makeup

Spider Web Makeup, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

For Halloween, the spooky spider theme is a great way to get creative with your makeup. Add spiderweb patterns on your face and eyes with red lipstick and fangs for a vampire look.


Cute Deer Makeup

Cute Deer Makeup, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

This makeup look consists of a two-toned lip, a deer nose, and bold white on the eyes. Finish it with some floral antlers, white dots, and you’re good to go!

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Maleficent Look

Maleficent Look, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

The look features dark black horns with character-inspired green and purple makeup. The horns are striking and make the wearer feel powerful. Black horns can easily be found in many stores online, so unleash your villainous side!


Black Makeup

Black Makeup, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a smokey eye in which the black makeup has features of skulls and hearts?



Catwoman, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

There are many variations of cat woman looks. You can achieve the perfect look by painting the mask on your face, adding red lipstick, and drawing whiskers on your cheeks. Accentuate your look with any black outfit, and you are good to go.


Bold Sugar Skull

Bold Sugar Skull, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

Sugar skulls are the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit, with their bold features including pretty hearts all around the eyes, ghostly white faces, and bodies. This look is inspired by the Mexican “Day of the dead” which make it the perfect choice for Halloween.


Fortune Teller Makeup

Fortune Teller Makeup, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

Halloween is all about spooky, mysterious, and magical looks. You can get this mystical fortune teller look with bold lips, stylish eyeliner flicks, and a moon on the forehead. Wear the necessary accessories to make your look complete.


Leopard Look

Leopard Look, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

Cover your face and body with leopard spots. Finish the look with red lipstick and a trendy smudge eye. This look is simple, fun, and easier to pull off when running late.


Glitzy Skull Look

Glitzy Skull Look, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

This makeup idea features extravagant glitz and glam skull illusion. The top of the face has beautiful and mysterious eye makeup, while the bottom is painted as a mouth of a skeleton. You can complete the look with pearls, rhinestones, and more. The entire makeup set you apart from the other spooky crowd.

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Cute Rabbit

Cute Rabbit, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

Animal-inspired makeup is one of the most popular looks for Halloween, especially the sexy rabbit look. That includes a black nose and glamorous eyes with bold flickers. You can add fur textures on certain face parts for better effect. Finish the look with red lipstick on those pouty lips.


Black Cat Makeup

Black Cat Makeup, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

Classic cat makeup is a popular idea for your spooky animal costume this Halloween. To achieve the look, think about a black cat mouth, wickers, nose, and smoky eyes. Alternatively, you can use a black cat costume instead of painting your body to look like a cat.


Skeleton Illusion

Skeleton Illusion, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

You can create a skeleton look on your face by painting it with a skull nose and mouth, paired with some cool-looking eyeshadow. This provides a stunning one-of-a-kind look that nobody else can duplicate!

This makeup idea presents a pretty face that can still have an element of the scary.


Sugar Skull Makeup

Sugar Skull Makeup, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

Sugar skulls are another way to celebrate Halloween without going overboard. They include eye shadow colors inspired by oranges and browns, decorative designs made from leaves, and even skull features.


The Cruella De Vil

The Cruella De Vil, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

A dramatic Dalmatian print on the eyes is a great idea for Halloween makeup. Add red lipstick, long lashes, and bold eyeliner flick for a striking look.

Portraying Cruella De Vil is a great choice for a scary and chic Halloween look.


Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

The Poison ivy look spells villain and naughty. Of course, classic green makeup is a must. You can add hand-drawn leaves and complete the look with a red wig.


Cute Leopard

Cute Leopard, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

You can pull off this idea easily. First, start with light brown eyeliner and then outline a leopard paw across your lid.

Next, apply dark brown eye shadow along the inside corner of each eye.

Finish with mascara and smudge the edges with a brush to give the illusion of fur.

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For lips, line them with red lipstick and top them off with a bright pink gloss.

Don’t forget the ears; just dot them with white earrings.

This look is perfect for any occasion because it goes with everything.

You can find online tutorials to recreate this cute face design. This Halloween makeup idea is both fun and easy to pull off.


Hogwarts Inspired Look

Hogwarts Inspired Look, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

You can have a Harry Potter-inspired look for Halloween by wearing barely any makeup. This style is soft and natural with a classic lightning scar. You can also dress in any wizarding world character costume or wear glasses and the iconic tie. We’re not saying this idea will work for every party, but it’s easy and fun to do for Halloween, so we hope you try it out.


Sparkly Skull Makeup

Sparkly Skull Makeup, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

Do you want something that’ll stand out from the crowd? The glittery skull is perfect for you. It includes creepy skeleton teeth, glitters, rhinestones, contoured black, and white skull makeup. Add some Indian touches by adding ornaments and the red dot.


White Skull Halloween Makeup

White Skull Halloween Makeup, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

Halloween is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate this spooky holiday than by creating fun and creative looks? This makeup details a sophisticated skull style with pearls and white cosmetics. Instead of using the traditional dark or black skull, you can recreate it with white makeup. It gives a more ghostly appearance.


Cute Cat

Cute Cat, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

The adorable cat Halloween makeup ideas are classic. They feature bright red lips, bold feline eyes, and a black nose. Add some whiskers and fur textures with makeup, and you are good to go. You can count on such a Halloween makeup idea if you’re running late.


Half-skeleton Makeup

Half-skeleton Makeup, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup

The Half Skeleton makeup is an excellent option for Halloween. This look features a half-skeleton makeup covering the face and chest. You can dress up as this character on most special occasions, but it is more enjoyable on October 31st.


Half-Human Half-Clown Makeup

Half-Human Half-Clown Makeup, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup


Pennywise Halloween Makeup

Pennywise Halloween Makeup, halloween makeup ideas, halloween makeup design, halloween makeup


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10 Summer Beauty and Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Summer Beauty and Makeup

If you’re planning on hitting the beaches this season or heading off to that special festival event, these tips will help you have fun while keeping your skin safe from harmful UV rays.

With temperatures soaring, we’ve put together our best beauty suggestions for summer so you can get ready to hit the town! Here are some great summer beauty and makeup tips to try, but if you really want to step up your game during warm-weather months, use them as inspiration for creating your own stunning styles.


1. A Fresh Face

It’s easy to let yourself go when the temperature rises, which means more coffee splashes, extra cocktails at happy hour, and even worse — greasy skin. To counter the effects of sun and heat, start by using a moisturizer containing SPF 30+ (or higher) daily, then apply a broad-spectrum UV protectant every morning and night.

Also, consider using a lightweight hydrating formula like Neutrogena Healthy Skin Toner ($18). This blend contains vitamin E to hydrate and smooth dull skin, plus caffeine to give a radiant complexion. If you prefer oil-free options, check out The Face Shop Oil-Free Hydrating Foundation ($38), which provides medium coverage and leaves skin feeling nourished without any heavy oils.

Then, finish off your look with a light dusting of loose powder to set everything in place. For daytime events, stick to neutral tones. If you plan on going out later, choose bolder hues.


2. A Natural Glow

A Natural Glow

Now that we’ve got your base covered, it’s time to add just enough shine to make your skin look alive. You don’t need much, though — one swipe of gloss over your entire face should do the trick. Consider trying Yves Saint Laurent Le Glow Blush Duo ($54). One shade offers pink undertones, perfect for adding depth to fair complexions, while another has peach undertones, making it ideal for those who enjoy rosy cheeks.

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Apply both sides of each cheek separately, starting near your ears, and working outward toward your mouth. Finish off with a sweep of the YSL Teint Miracle Lip Stain ($28), applied lightly with a brush over your top lip. For daytime wear, opt for a lighter lipstick hue. At night, pick darker shades.


3. Go Glam with Sparkle

Go Glam with Sparkle

Sparkly accessories draw attention away from blemishes and imperfections, giving everyone else something shiny to notice instead. Start by choosing a nude-colored dress that complements your coloring and body type.

Next, select a pair of earrings and necklace that complement your outfit and wardrobe. Add a statement piece with jewelry featuring gemstones like emerald green tourmaline, blue sapphire, red spinel, or white zirconia.

Finally, pull out your favorite shimmery shadow palette and take advantage of the many colors available. Some excellent examples include Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Metal Palette, $39, Sephora Complete Eyeshadow Collection, $70, and Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Dual Powder Brush Set, $18.


4. Make your Eyes Pop

Make your Eyes Pop

This season’s hottest trends focus on enhancing eyeliner for added definition and drama. First, line your upper lash lines with black mascara. Then, smudge the edges of your lower lashes with waterproof liquid or gel liner pencils. Black will always be in style, but not every girl needs to wear black. Instead, try experimenting with different colors.

When selecting liners, remember that eye shadows fade slightly over time. That said, there are plenty of other ways to amp up your peepers besides eyeliner. Consider investing in a quality cream or pressed pigment primer before applying your regular old eyeshadow.

These products work to prep your lids, allowing your powders and glitters to adhere better and last longer. Once you find a product you love, keep it close at hand for quick touchups throughout the day. There are lots of affordable ones to choose from, including Benefit Cosmetics’ Benetton Beauty Prismatic Eye Shadow Trio, $26, and Smashbox Photo Finish Multi-Use Paint Sticks, $21.

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5. Keep Skin Looking Healthy

Keep Skin Looking Healthy

While most people think of tanning beds as summertime indulgences, they also provide a way to achieve naturally beautiful tans. But too much exposure to ultraviolet radiation promotes premature aging, freckles, wrinkles, dryness, and discoloration.

Always seek professional advice about how long you should spend outdoors before seeking tanning salon treatment. In addition to protecting your skin from UV damage, there are several steps you can take to improve overall health during warmer seasons.

Stay hydrated by drinking water frequently throughout the day, especially after exercising or spending extended amounts of time outside. And eat foods rich in antioxidants, such as berries, kale, carrots, mangos, plums, tomatoes, bell peppers, leafy greens, broccoli, onions, garlic, avocados, nuts, and seeds.


6. Cover Up Dark Circles

Cover Up Dark Circles

Dark circles can happen anytime, regardless of seasonal changes. They often appear due to lack of sleep or dehydration, among other causes.

Luckily, concealer isn’t only used to hide pimples, spots, blemishes, and marks. You can also cover up dark circles thanks to its ability to absorb moisture. Most brands offer anti-dark circle formulas, typically made with ingredients like avocado extract, licorice root, chamomile flower, aloe vera, jojoba seed extract, etc.

Simply follow package directions for proper usage. Not sure where to begin? See below for expert recommendations.


7. Play with Fun Colors

As we enter the height of summer, you’ll naturally want to wear brighter tops and carry a more colorful bag. The same should apply to your makeup! Here’s the best way to amp up your summer makeup:

1. Apply a light layer of champagne or rose gold eyeshadow over the eyelids. Smudge it out to create a smoky eye look.

2. Add shimmer and darkness by mixing in black and charcoal powder on top of a brown/dark taupe eyeshadow.

3. Apply the same champagne or rose gold eyeshadow to the crease of the eyelids.

4. Dab a bit of gloss on top of matte lipsticks for some extra shine!

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5. Apply bright red blush and a soft rosy lip color over a base coat


8. Use Mineral Powder

Foundations come in cream, lotion, stick, cake, and powdered form. Each kind serves a specific purpose. Cream foundations act as full-coverage liquids, providing weightless texture and blending easily. Lotion foundations usually sit between creams and powders, offering buildable coverage with a dewy finish.

Stick foundations can be worn alone or layered over blushes, bronzers, and powders.

Cake foundations are ultra-sheer, less likely to clog pores, and suitable for oily areas. Powdered foundations consist of tiny particles suspended in a silicone fluid, which allows users to customize their appearance.

Popular brands include Jane Iredale Mineral Pressed Powder Compact ($46), Laura Mercier Tight Line Setting Primer & Blending Powder ($25).

For daytime, stick to creamy finishes. At nighttime, try powder textures.


9. Wear Sunscreen Foundation

Wear Sunscreen Foundation

Many women skip foundation altogether when wearing a bathing suit, thinking it’ll detract from their bodies, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Wearing a foundation makes you feel comfortable and confident, particularly during public moments.

What’s more, it protects your skin from the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays, helping prevent signs of early aging. Sunscreens generally fall into two categories: physical blockers and chemical filters. Physical blockers like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide physically deflect sunlight away from the skin.

Chemical filters like oxybenzone block UVB rays. Both kinds are effective, but chemical filters tend to irritate sensitive skin. Before purchasing a foundation, consult your dermatologist to determine whether it would benefit you.


10. Play Down Brows

Brows frame your face, drawing attention upward to your eyes, nose, and forehead. Given the importance of brows, it’s no surprise they receive a ton of care. Unfortunately, eyebrow maintenance tends to decline as age advances.

According to experts, this happens because older women prioritize hygiene above function, resulting in thin, weak brows prone to breakage. So, how does someone stay ahead of Mother Nature?

First, define the brow shape with an angled brush to create symmetry. Second, fill in sparse patches with an illuminating duo like Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pencil, $25, followed by an Expert Tip Nail Art Gel Color Enhancer, $39. Third, groom brows with precision.

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5 Top Eyeliner Tips for Hooded Eyes

Eyeliner Tips for Hooded Eyes

I am not naturally gifted when it comes to makeup application—but I do have one thing that helps me through my struggles…a steady hand paired with an excellent brush!

But some people with hooded eyes find it difficult to use eyeliner. It’s even trickier for those people if they don’t see well what they’re doing in their eyes.

My best friend has beautiful almond-shaped green eyes with long lashes, but she’s always been slightly self-conscious about her lack of ability in this department.

She found herself applying eyeliner incorrectly because she didn’t feel confident enough to apply it smoothly and neatly like many others around her did.

So we decided to create some easy tricks to help you master your liquid liner game, Here are our top 5 eyeliner tips for hooded eyes.

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1. Choose the Perfect Eyeliner

If you’re someone who prefers creamier formulas over gel liners, then creamy eye pencils such as Urban Decay 24/7 Superliner will be more suitable for you. If you prefer waterproof options, try Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Liner ($20) which offers a smooth texture without any glitters.

You can also use creams like Benefit Cosmetics’ Benetint or Marc Jacobs’ The Boy Brow Pencil to line your upper lash lines. For people whose hair tends to mess up their brow shape, we recommend using a good eyebrow powder before lining your eyebrows.

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It’ll ensure your brow hairs stay put while you make quick work of filling them in.


2. Use a Precise Eyeliner Brush

Use a Precise Eyeliner Brush

One of the biggest mistakes most beginners make is painting too thickly at first. This leads to messy edges and wonky-looking eyeliners. To avoid this, start off slowly and lightly outline your natural contours.

Then move on to thicker layers once you’ve got everything down. A great tool to keep handy is a precision eyeliner brush. They come in all shapes and sizes, so find one that works well for you. These brushes aren’t just used for precise underlining — they’re also great at blending out colors, adding dimension, making bold outlines, etc.

We suggest starting off with smaller angles and gradually moving upwards until you get accustomed to drawing on your lids. Remember to hold your brush horizontally above your skin, then tilt downwards towards the lower lid. That way you don’t risk accidentally going over into the corner of your eye.

Another trick is to take two different angled brushes, place them against each other horizontally, and curve them together to form something resembling a claw. Now, holding these parallel to the outer corners of your eyes, draw upward toward your brow bone along your upper lash line.

Once you reach your brow bone, angle the tip downward to meet the bottom edge of your eyeliner. Do this from both sides of your face simultaneously to achieve symmetry. Using a vertical brush makes it easier to blend your eyeliner seamlessly into the rest of your shadow.

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3. Look Straight Ahead When Applying Eyeliner

When creating an eyeliner look, it’s important to know where your innermost corners lie. Your goal should be to outline only your upper eyelid, leaving your lower lid completely untouched. Before you begin, check if you need extra assistance to figure out exactly where your upper lid ends and your lower lid begins.

To accomplish this, simply open your eye wider than usual and stare straight ahead. Your pupil should appear larger than normal, but your iris shouldn’t be visible.

Next, look directly into the mirror and trace the area between your upper and lower lids vertically with your finger. Hold it still and watch what happens to your reflection. Make sure you follow this exact same measurement every time you line your eyes.

Also, pay attention to the width of your eye socket. Some people have wide sockets, whereas others have narrow ones. In order to accurately draw your eyeliner within the boundaries of your eye socket, you may want to consider purchasing a ruler that allows you to measure distances.

Once you’ve determined your measurements, you’re ready to sketch your new cat-eye. Start by placing your index fingers underneath your cheekbones, keeping them in contact with your bones. Next, pull your fingers inward, extending them outward past your ears.

From there, connect the dots and create three small ovals below your cheeks. Each oval should touch its corresponding ear and extend beyond the end of your nose. Finally, bring your extended fingertips back to your temples, forming four triangles pointing downward. As a final step, fill in your lower lid with light pigment.

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4. Create a Dramatic Eyebrow Look

For anyone who wants to add instant drama to his or her brows, Hooded Eyes might have the answer. Simply gather your favorite shades of brown, black, charcoal grey, and dark purple and sweep them across your forehead using a flat brush.

Don’t forget to include plenty of definitions — after all, no eyebrows mean no eyeliner!

You can also go even further by taking advantage of your existing eyebrow structure. Gather your darkest shadows and dip the bristles of your eyebrow brush into them. Starting from the outside of your brow, drag the brush diagonally upward across your entire arch.

Repeat this process several times until your desired shade appears. Then finish things off by brushing your brows backward with the same method.


5. Consider An Eyeliner Other Than Black

Consider An Eyeliner Other Than Black

I’ve always been a black eyeliner kind of girl, but I’m not so sure anymore. There are some other colors that might be worth considering for day-to-day wear.

It’s always tempting to use classic black, but other colors may work better with hooded eyes. If you’re feeling like a change, try brown, copper, or teal.

Make sure to try on the style with your hair in a ponytail or bun, so you can see the color and off-the-face style in action without any hair obscuring.

If you’re feeling daring and want to try out this unique look, we recommend using a matte bronzer instead of a shimmery one.


Final Words

Looking fresh throughout the day doesn’t necessarily require hours spent staring into a compact mirror. Sometimes less really does equal better. Try experimenting with various products and techniques to see which styles suit your needs best. And remember: practice makes perfect!

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