28 Trendy and Beautiful Tattoos for Women

Why tattoos are popular and trendy among women

For a long time, tattoos have been considered a domain of men. It was confined to a specific group and kind of persona- for rock stars, musicians, and rebels. Also, very few women dared to sport a tattoo in the beginning as they were frowned on. The idea of beauty then was clear skin without any marks or spots.

That has changed today as tattoos have slowly caught on with women. You can now see a lot of women sport tattoos like any other ornaments they wear. There is, however, a word of caution here. Once you get a tattoo done, it isn’t easy to take it off. It is always advised to seek a professional’s guidance and know what tattoos and size of tattoos will suit your personality or skin tone.


Why women should get a tattoo?

To tell a story

Nick Jonas’ wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, has a tattoo just below the outer side of her right wrist. It reads ‘Daddy’s Lil girl’ to show her immense bonding and affection for her father. If you want to be reminded of a person, experience, or goal every day, there is nothing like a tattoo to do so. It can be just a few words, a symbol, or even a simple picture.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas tattoo


To add to the overall style

Apart from the usual black tattoos, there are also color tattoos. If you choose the right tattoos with the correct size and colors and place them in the right place, it will add to your overall style. It will be like wearing a beautiful permanent dress.

Use it as a permanent accessory

Tattoos in the shape of bracelets on the wrists or bands on the arms act like accessories. Some even have them on the neck and the legs. The key is in getting the correct design and appropriate size, depending on where you intend to get your tattoo done.


Minimal or bold tattoos for Women

You can either keep your tattoos minimal or bold, depending on your work. If you are in a corporate environment, big and colorful tattoos on the face or neck may attract undue attention.  On the other hand, a big and colorful tattoo will suit an adventurer or someone whose work nature requires being outdoors most of the time.


How many tattoos?

Some have tattoos that cover almost every inch of their bodies which is extreme. Tattoos are meant to compliment you and not necessarily become you.  A few stylish and meaningful tattoos can do the trick. If it is exciting and unique, it can, in fact, help you bond with people around you because they would ask you questions about it.

In a nutshell, find a reason and the right tattoo that says something about it.


To give you some inspiration here is 28 beautiful tattoo for women:

flower shoulder tattoo


quote on back tattoo


lotus flower on back tattoos for women


tiny hand tattoos for women

More tiny hand tattoos


lotus flower ankle tattoos for women

More ankle tattoos ideas


tattoo for women



flower tattoo on finger







feather tattoo on shoulder



sun tattoo on wrist




lotus flower on shoulder


angel wings tattoo on neck



colorful ancre tattoo on wrist




arow on wrist tattoos for women



cute tattoos for women