15 Trendy Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas

Dirty Blonde Hair

Setting a dirty blonde hair look can be conventional yet stylish. Achieving the look begins with selecting the hair color at brown tones, usually cappuccino or wheat, along with medium blonde hair. One can also achieve this look with natural blonde hair by highlighting them with dark blonde tones. Women like the dirty blonde hair as it is suitable for the early spring and summer seasons, and it also goes well with the weather and their outfits.


Whether you have light or dark hair, you can achieve dirty blonde hair using the foil coloring technique or the balayage technique. Also, maintaining a suitable hair care procedure will give more life to your hair color and hairstyles. So instead of giving your hair a dull look, spoil yourself by sporting a different look by following these dirty blonde hair ideas.


  1.   Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights

Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights

This hair idea is a multi-dimensional look on dirty blonde hair. The tones in this give the hair a unique sense of personality. You can rock this hairstyle throughout the year.

Achieving this look the healthy way could take multiple sessions. Healthy locks, along with hair care, is essential. But do not worry, as the dirty blonde balayage is very easy to maintain for anyone.

Blonde highlights look great and glow seamlessly. So, use an excellent purple shampoo once a week on damp hair for ten minutes. Also, keep your hair hydrated with oils to maintain that shiny and glossy look.


  1.   Brown Hair with Dirty Blonde Ends 

Brown Hair with Dirty Blonde Ends

The fused transition from dark to light is the standout feature of this dirty blonde hair look. It allows you to have both dark and light-colored hair.

A great way to make this cut look good is by face-framing, as this will make the long hair look more engrossing. Use sea salt spray to give your hair that wet, messy look and have a more defined texture.


  1.   Subtle Dirty Blonde for Long Hair 

Subtle Dirty Blonde for Long Hair 

If you want something more subtle and darker but still stands out, you can try this style out. The beige and brown contrast will create an exciting color shade.

This dirty blonde hairstyle goes well with anyone since it has a subtle twist to it. To give more life to your hair and also stay low-key, this is an ideal hairstyle.


  1.   Dark Dirty Blonde Hair 

Dark Dirty Blonde Hair 

A cool transition from natural dark hair to icy white hair makes this style distinctive and vibrant. One great thing about this style is that there are no harsh dividing lines between the hair colors. You can also mix it up with bold colors to give more life to it.

Achieving this color requires lots of time and patience but is worth it. The contrasting colors blend in well together. So, you’ll have to give touch-ups every once in a while. Keeping the hair hydrated is also vital in maintaining its true hues.


  1.   Dirty Blonde and Brunette Color Melt

Dirty Blonde and Brunette Color Melt

This hairstyle is a low maintenance tone but has some heavy shades of blonde around the edges. It gives off the impression of bight blonde but also does not over-process the hair. Face framing highlights are the defining elements of this dirty blonde look.

If you want bright blonde shades of hair around your face, this is the look to go with. Please make sure you always maintain your hair with the right products and keep it moisturized.


  1.   Dirty Strawberry Blonde Hair

Dirty Strawberry Blonde Hair

The shadow root gives this hairstyle an extra dimension with neutral sunshade hues. Lighting plays a factor in how the color of this hairstyle appears. The dirty strawberry blonde hair looks best with texture and waves.

It is essential to use shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free. This color is a perfect option for blondes who want their hair to get darker but at the same time still playing it safe.


  1.   Dark Hair with Dirty Blonde Highlights 

Dark Hair with Dirty Blonde Highlights 

Chic and sophisticated is how I would describe this look. The color contrast from dark roots to lighter tones is very pleasing to look at.

Dirty blonde with dark hair looks great when it’s wavy and a bit messy. Also, use beach salt spray to give your hair that naturally messy look.


  1.   Natural Dirty Blonde Hair Color 

Natural Dirty Blonde Hair Color

A great mix of natural regrowth and root smudges, this look carries the essence of natural beauty and dignified growth.

This is one of the perfect blonde hair ideas for women who have less time to spare for their hair and want a trendy look. This color goes well with any hair texture and length. Using the right hair products to maintain this shade is essential.


  1.   Dirty Blonde Highlights on Brown Curly Hair

Dirty Blonde Highlights on Brown Curly Hair

This dirty blonde hair color is a fantastic way to add flavor to your natural brunette curls. It adds a warm tone with radiant highlights to give your curls a fun yet trendy feel it. Nourish with shampoo and use oils for moisture to maintain the quality of your hair.


  1.   Dirty Blonde Hair With Blonde Highlights 

Dirty Blonde Hair With Blonde Highlights

With a contrast of ash and light honey, which blends in beautifully, this dirty blonde hair gives off a strong beach babe vibe. Even though it’s a warmer and softer version, it goes well with straight hair with blunt cuts. Maintaining this vibrant tone comes with essential hair care.


  1.   Light Dirty Blonde 

Light Dirty Blonde 

The brighter the color, the prettier it gets with this dirty blonde hair idea. This color shade goes well with any skin tone, where it’s great to add some light shades and waves for a mesmerizing flow of hair.


  1.   Dirty Beach Blonde 

 Dirty Beach Blonde 

This shade of hair color can bring out the snow princess in you. With the intense light shade of white that transitions seamlessly from the shaded roots, this color could very easily enhance your skin and eyes. Not to mention how it would also compliment your outfits.


  1.   Brunette Medium Length Hair with Honey Highlights

Brunette Medium Length Hair with Honey Highlights

The warm-toned caramel streaks give life and add depth to your dirty blonde hair, along with a healthier color shade. When combined with dark hair, the honey highlights give off a glow that will surely turn some heads.


  1.   Dirty Ash Blonde on Shoulder Length Hair 

Dirty Ash Blonde on Shoulder Length Hair 

The smokey roots and subtle balayage go well on medium-cut and straight-layered hair. If you also want your hair to stand out that gives off vibrance and subtlety simultaneously, this is the choice to go with.


  1.   Dirty Platinum Blonde

Dirty Platinum Blonde

This is an ideal shade that’ll give off metallic hues, which complement a neutral complexion. This dirty blonde hair look will illuminate your hair under both natural and artificial lighting. This style is suitable for all types of hair lengths where it gives your hair a glimmering effect.


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