12 Stunning Fall Hair Trends For You

Fall Hair

As summer exits and fall approaches, you have to get your hair game up. The fall hair trends for this year are all about natural hairstyles, haircuts of low maintenance, and dramatic hair colors. This article will discuss some of the best fall hair trends today.

Soon, you will be obsessed and excited to try them on every fall season. Let us delve into our list of fall hair trends now.


12 Fall Hair Trends 2022

Copper Hair

Copper Fall Hair

Do you want red hair that’s actually low-key? Then this style is for you. The color is between bronze and medium brown. Copper hair greatly compliments the fall season, especially with all the leaves falling. You will love how rich and super-warm the color is.

Copper Fall Hair



Bob Haircut

Bob Haircut - Fall Hairstyle

This haircut will always be superior and popular in the hair industry. It is very trendy in fall and only makes sense for you to get it after the summer heat has damaged your hair. Once you get the cut, you won’t just look super appealing but have fresh new hair growing. You can chop the hair in a way that fits your face shape, whether it’s a long bob or jawline bob.

Bob Haircut Fall Hair



Creamy Balayage

Creamy Balayage - Fall Hair

Now, this tone is a combination of warm blonde and ash blonde, which is presently trending. Creamy Balayage falls in the middle of these two shades. You need to try this color since it is neither cool nor warm, making it perfect for fall hair trends.

Creamy Balayage Fall Hair


70s Bangs

70s Bangs - Fall Hairstyle

This popular haircut comes from the 70s. It gives women face-framing and long curtain bangs. One great thing about it is how it easily suits any texture and length. You will garner a rich and modern look with this haircut regardless of whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair.

70s Bangs Fall Hair



Side-Part Hairdo

Side-Part Hairdo - Fall Hairstyle

The side-part hairstyle is popular and will always be around. Since it’s something that anybody can pull off, the hairstyle always remains on-trend.

Side-Part Hairdo fall hair



Short Layers

Short Layers fall hair

Now, this haircut will always be loved because of its low maintenance. Choosing to add short layers to your current layers allows you to make a perfect change without having to lose all your existing length. Be prepared to see a WOW effect!

Short Layers Hairstyle

Short Layers Fall Hair



Baby Braids

Baby Braids Fall Hairstyle

Taylor Swift said it best – “I Come Back Stronger Like a 90s Trend.” This hairstyle is also a blast from the past. It is very easy to try and pull off, making it a trend on Instagram. The style helps in framing your face, creating proper dimension and texture.

Baby Braids Hairstyle

Baby Braids Fall Hair



The LOB Fall Hairstyle

The LOB Fall Hairstyle

The LOB is perfect for folks who wish to cut their hair without going too short. It’s called a Long Bob because of the length between your collarbone and chin. It allows your hair to look bright and healthy without putting in much effort.

The LOB Hairstyle

The LOB Fall Hair



Accessories for Itty-Bitty Hair

Itty-Bitty Hair fall season

Hair accessories such as hairpins, hair ties, scrunchies, and clips are a must during the fall season. It gives you that minimal look, which is well-suited for the fall season.

Itty-Bitty Hairstyle

Itty-Bitty Fall Hair



Rich Chocolate Brown

Rich Chocolate Brown Fall Hair Color

A darker shade of hair equals a dramatic change. By switching to a rich chocolate brown color, you join the trend. This hair color will complement the complexion of your skin.

Rich Chocolate Brown Hairstyle

Rich Chocolate Brown Fall Hair



Beach Waves Fall Hair

Beach Waves Fall Hair

The fall hairstyles are supposed to be elegant, simple, and natural. You can say goodbye to summer, but the beach waves hairdo isn’t going anywhere. They look even better in the fall, and you should stick with them.

Beach Waves Hairstyle

Beach Waves Fall Hair



Face Framing Highlights

Face Framing Highlights fall hairstyle

This technique helps brighten your appearance without having to go full blonde. It definitely provides the glow that you require during the fall season. Plus, it also provides a great substitute for women who are hesitant about going fully blonde.

Face Framing Highlights Hairstyle

Face Framing Highlights Fall Hair

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